Don’t Miss It!


What do you get when you mix Close Encounters, with The day the Earth stood still, with the director of Enemy, Prisoners and Sicario, and base it all on an award winning short story? Hopefully, Arrival.After the arrival of different and strange shaped space crafts, the people of the world stand on the brink of world war, with both each other and possibly this new alien treat. A seemingly dark complex re-telling of a story we all know too well.

The movie Arrival looks to give us a different look at what can happens when people are placed into a very stressful environment. The film looks to be down-playing the action movie tropes associated with an alien arrival, in favour for the mental and phycological aspects that may cause men to destroy themselves before the aliens ever get a chance to communicate.

It stars Amy Adams in the title role with Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker in supporting roles. Set to hit theatres November of this year, this movie seemly came out of no where dropping a teaser trailer and then a full trailer the week after. Director Denis Villeneuve did this as his last project before taking on the Blade Runner sequel and should give us a great idea of his take on Science Fiction. Check out the trailer linked below, and let me know if you think Arrival is worth not missing.


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