Review : Hands of Stone


“The legendary Roberto Duran and his equally legendary trainer Ray Arcel change each other’s lives.”

Hands of Stone isn’t so much a boxing movie, as it is a cautionary tale about life and who we are as people. It tells the story of legendary and famed boxer Roberto Duran from the time he was a boy in his native Panama, through his rise as a boxer, to his infamous “no mas” fight and even after. The cast here does a good job of portraying these characters as people, and thats why i say this movie is more a cautionary tale than a boxing movie, because a lot of this movies focus is on those people and their emotions, as opposed to putting the highlight on the boxing itself. It does also make branches out into the life and story of famous trainer Ray Arcel, and again the acting here is good, but sometimes it seemed like unnecessary deviations. This makes the movie seem fresh, but it also makes the boxing scenes a bit lack lustre. The movie also has to delve quiet a bit into the politics of the time, because they played a huge part in who Roberto was as a man, but those parts of the movie can be hit or miss in their execution. The real beating heart of this movie is truly its best aspect, and thats the acting, and it really is well done and what will make or break this movie. If you’re a fan of boxing, and a person like Duran, then you should definitely see this movie, and also if you’re a fan of the cast.

Review Score : 7 out of 10


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