Review : Arrival


“A linguist is recruited by the military to assist in translating alien communications.”

Arrival is the newest offering from director Denis Villeneuve, who’s sights are now squarely set on the up coming Blade Runner sequel. And if he can add the same kind of tension and sense of terror that he has in this movie, then we have nothing to worry about. Start to finish, Arrival is all about tension and intrigue. It keeps winding and winding you up till the end, then it just lets you be. It doesn’t end in a snap, but rather just a release. The story twists and turns in a way that keeps your attention and keeps you thinking as it goes along. Visually the movie is stunning, as both the cinematography and the visual effects here are top notch, and they add a real sense of realism to what the movie presents.All of the cast here is one point, but Amy Adams is the real stand out, and she delivers a truly nuanced and subtle performance the really helps you connect with her character. The score here is also used to perfection as it seems to creep and crawl until those moments when it springs up and heightens the tension even more. All in all Arrival is a very well done film, that doesn’t really have any short comings, unless you go into this movie expecting it be something its not (its really a science fiction thriller).

Review Score : 9 out of 10


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