Incase You Missed It!

Hell or High Water:


Hell or High Water tells the tale of a pair of brothers who seek to find their own form or righteousness and justice in an unfair world. They try to parlay the hand they have been dealt in life into a new life, maybe not for them, but for their loved ones by robbing banks, but robbing them with a plan. The plan and hopefully some luck on their side they set off on an irreversible journey that they must see through to the end.


The movie itself while can be seen a traditional bank robber story, also adds layers to its narrative and story telling that seek to further muddle the line between right and wrong, between bad and good. The brothers themselves seem also polar opposites of each other, but really they have similar ideals, just very different ways of solving their problems. We also get an added layer this story from the law enforcement perspective, as well as the average mans’.


This is in general a more quiet film, that chooses to spend more time on the moments between the action, to further develop the relationships between characters. It’s set in Texas and it does a very good job of making you feel apart of that community, deepening the the connection we feel with these characters. It is a relatively small story, and the movie does a good job of making it feel small when it needs to, and a bit larger when that benefits the story.


With some really great acting on all sides here, and a plot that really makes this movie more than winners and losers, Hell or High Water a very well crafted movie. It paced well enough that the minute it would seem to get too slow it picks back up, and its also short enough that it doesn’t seem like the movie is dragging on and on. If you’re a fan of a good old bank robbery, or dramas with a cowboy flair, you can’t go wrong giving this movie a watch.


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