Top 10 Movies of 2016 (Wide Release)

Another year gone, another top 10 list. As with last years list, this one is only for Wide Released movies, released in the year 2016. That means some of those Oscar contenders won’t be on here, as they were only released in limited theatres in 2016 and then more widely in 2016, or stayed limited throughout. So if you don’t see certain movies on here, check back when I post my full awards of 2016 post. This post is really for more of the tent pole type films. And without further ado, my list of the Top 10 films of 2016(Wide Release):



Captain America Civil War

Another year, another top level Marvel offering for the masses. It might not have met the extremely lofty heights of of one or two of the past Marvel movies, but it does deliver and is definitely worth a spot on this list even if its the ten spot.



Star Trek Beyond

Definitely up there as far as movies I wouldn’t have guessed would make this list, but damn if it doesn’t deserve to be here. Star Trek Beyond was arguably the most fun movie I saw in all of 2016. It packed action, comedy and heart so well into one movie that gave the new series a new high point, and high enough for number 9 on the list.



The Jungle Book

The House of mouse snags another spot on the list, this times its with a remake of one their classic animated movies in The Jungle Book. Combining live action with some of the best CGI we have ever seen, this new iteration immerses us in the jungle like never before. When you feel like their is nothing strong about talking animals, you usually have a pretty good film on your hands, and you can’t go wrong with this modern telling of a true classic.



Deepwater Horizon

Some of the best movies, come out of tragedy, and Deepwater horizon is a perfect example of that. The movie tells the story of one of the worst oil spills in history, but also the humans story attached to that tragedy. With some brilliant acting from its leads, and some truly tense and gripping direction, Deepwater Horizon is more than worth a watch and a stop on this list, even if you might only be able to watch it once.




Maybe the biggest surprise smash hit of the year, was 2016’s Deadpool. A raunchy action/comedy that showed that you don’t need characters everyone knows, or ridiculous budgets to make a good comic book, and good movie on a whole. Deadpool was the culmination of years and years of wanting to make this movie and make it right, and that time and care paid off and shows in the final product. Good enough for number 6 on the list.



The Nice Guys

It should be no surprise that a movie with two of the best actors working right now would end up being a really top notched film, and thats exactly what The Nice Guys is. A quirky, but never over the top movie thats hard to fit into one category or another. The Nice Guys brings great acting, wonderful nostalgia and a real sense of timing to the big screen, worthy of the one of the best films of the year.



Hell of High Water

One of, if not the most slept on movie on this entire list, is number 4 Hell or High Water. A small but gripping film about family and what we would do for them. Using only a few characters, and subtle approach to story telling, Hell or High Water is one of those movies that you just want to keep going and going. Another great showcase of two characters acting of each other to give us a greater film than the sum of its parts.




Before we get Blade Runner 2049, we got Arrival from director Denis Villeneuve, and as my review of that movie stated, if this movie is anything to go off of we are in great hands. Arrival is every bit a mystery and thriller as it is a sci-fi and alien movie. Beautifully shot, and wonderfully acted, Arrival was probably one of the most thought provoking films of 2016, and truly worthy of the number 3 spot.



Kubo and the Two Strings

If you must it now. Technically  Kubo is one of the most advanced movies on this list, and thats saying a lot. Kubo is the result of fusing a great and compelling story, with some jaw droopingly gorgeous animation, and a fantastic score. It really is the whole package, and shouldn’t even be looked at as an animated movie, but rather just one of the best movies around.



Star Wars Rogue One (A Star Wars Story)

Now truthfully, I did give Kubo a higher score than Rogue One, but Rogue One had something Kubo didn’t, and thats history. This movie does so well to walk to fine line between giving reference to the films that have come before it, while also telling a totally new and compelling story, and it does it perfectly. Great cast, great acting, great action, great score, great directing, and come on guys its more Star Wars!

So theirs my list for the ten best wide release movies of 2016. Please keep in mind like I said earlier that this list is for those movies that were giving full, wide, international releases in the calendar year of 2016. A more comprehensive list of the best movies of the year will be out soon with my IMB awards. Until then tell me what you think of my list, and which movies you’d add or drop and why.




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