March Movie Madness

Many months of many years give us more than one great or greatly anticipated movie. Most of the time they’re one of the summer months of June, July or August. However, as time has gone on, and the summer movie block has gotten more and more competitive, movie studios have had to look all over the calendar for suitable dates that get their movie both space from other tent pole films, but also at a time of year that people are going to the cinema. Thus the start of the summer block has constantly been pushed more and more towards the start of the year than the middle. Studios started opening 100+ million dollar movies in May, and have been seeing good returns. But now, even that patch of time is getting too full and competitive. The Answer? EVEN EARLIER MY FRIEND. After The Avengers opened in May and destroyed the box office, Furious 7 opened in April and went on to break records itself. Then when Batman V Superman broke the bank opening in March, the flood gates for March releases opened wide. All of this culminating in the super stacked March that is March 2017. With a combination of highly anticipated sequels, remakes, new takes and first time live action movies, March 2017 seems to have something for everyone, and could go down as one of the greatest months in cinema.




Kong : Skull Island


Beauty and the Beast


T2 Trainspotting 2


Power Rangers


Ghost in the Shell

So what do you think about the March 2017 line up? What do you want to see the most, and how well do you think this month is gonna do.


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