Review : Gemini Man


“An over-the-hill hitman faces off against a younger clone of himself.”

I think what will ultimately be the defining factor about this movie, is that most people won’t be able to see it the way it was intended to be seen, or understand the way this movie was made, and what it tries to accomplish. This movie was made as a “hyper real”, 120 frames, 3D, digital animation filled feature film, but, most people will never get to see it in any of those, and especially not all of those ways. The average person that will see this movie, will see it in 2D, a standard frame rate, and not even in any kind of large format screen, and a lot of those possible breakthrough technologies are going to be lost on them. So what’s left for those viewers? An average story, surrounded by good action, but a small cast of really good actors, and some other not so great ones. Most everything about this movie that can be great, is solely down to if you can see it in one of a very few select cinemas, and that’s the movies ultimate failing. Will Smith does put in a really great performance, but when doesn’t he. The action is done really well yes, but it isn’t to the level of some of movies that try to stand on their action alone. Don’t get me wrong, 90% of the next level visuals here are truly amazing, and stand up fully to scrutiny, but in those little moments where you go “why does that look just a little bit off”, it almost breaks everything down, and you have to start over and have that build back up again. All in all, Gemini Man is a movie thats meant to be an experience, but most people aren’t going to get the full show.

Review Score : 6.5 out of 10

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