Review : Mile 22


“An elite American intelligence officer, aided by a top-secret tactical command unit, tries to smuggle a mysterious police officer with sensitive information out of the country.”

Mark Wahlberg and Peter Berg have combined a few times to make movies, and while many times Wahlberg’s acting hasn’t been his strong point, Berg has a way of getting the best out of him. Mile 22 gives Wahlberg a chance to play another character that allows for him to shine. This movie also allows for a better introduction to western cinema for Iko Uwais, who if you didn’t know about before, you should know about now. Directing wise this is an interesting movie. Berg definitely can do tension and suspense very well, especially in the style that builds over time, and when this movie needs to do that, it does it really well. Narrative wise its also told in a very unusual way, using both linear and non linear story telling tools, that work for the most part, but not always for the best. Thats probably the best way to describe the movie as a whole, it mostly works, but not always for the best. The ending of this movie is also one of those that will totally colour your view of the film as a whole, making you leave either liking it more or less than you probably liked it 2 minutes before the ending. All in all I think Mile 22 is a solidly made movie, and it contains some better moments than others but its all going to hinge on how you feel about the ending.

Review Score : 6.5 out of 10


Review : The Spy Who Dumped Me


“Audrey and Morgan are best friends who unwittingly become entangled in an international conspiracy when one of the women discovers the boyfriend who dumped her was actually a spy.”

The Spy Who Dumped Me is one of those movies, that if you watch, but don’t really pay attention to, you’d probably enjoy and have some laughs, but it doesn’t hold up under the scrutiny. This movie is really one of those movies thats actually great for a date night, or any kind of outing that doesn’t need you to pay full attention at all times. The jokes here come pretty thick and fast, so eventually some of them must land, so everyone should get at least a few chuckles out of it. There are definitely however some pretty good action and chase sequences in here, that give a good sense of tension and suspense, but there mostly in the first half of the film. The film does move at a good clip, and that helps it not to drag along at any point really, which is a welcome for these kinds of movies, which usually tend to drag a bit in the middle. The two leads here do a good job also, they do have a nice chemistry and they feel like genuine friends in real life and not just for this movie. All in all, The Spy Who Dumped Me is a fun if slightly forgettable summer action comedy, perfect for a fun date night or later on great for streaming.

The Score : 6.5 out of 10

Review : Mission Impossible – Fallout


“Ethan Hunt and his IMF team, along with some familiar allies, race against time after a mission gone wrong.”

So this is the 6th movie in the Mission Impossible franchise dating back to the first movie in 1996. Since then, this series had definitely had its ups and downs, but it came back with one of its best entries in the previous Rogue Nation, and I’m really glad to say that the follow up to that, in Fallout, lives up in every way. This movie is absolutely breathless and moves at a break neck pace, from the very start, to the very end. Then they’re the stunts, and wow, just wow. It takes a lot to make me feel nervous and on the edge of my seat just from stuntwork, but the stunts in this movie are soooo good, and then the added level of tension when you know and can tell so well that Tom Cruise is doing all of these stunts himself, it really is a next level of griping. More than one time in this movie, I actually flinched during some kind of chase or action scene like I genuinely wasn’t sure if they would make it. The score here also does a really good job of ramping up the tension, but by the going the opposite way to the norm. Instead of building some crescendo of sound, the movie would drop a lot of the sound and allow just a snare drum to roll, and it was insanely well done. The team here is also fully on point, and everyone really gets their moment to shine, which is always great to see. All in all, Mission Impossible Fallout is a really high paced, non stop, action packed ride from start to finish and the kind of movies you expect to see this time of the year, a real blockbuster.

Review Score : 9 out of 10

Top 3 Comic Con Trailers!

So as we all should know, this weekend is the San Diego Comic Con, which has really been the the biggest and most famous of them all. Its the one all the biggest movie studios go to, and it usually has the biggest news and trailer releases we the fans wait so impatiently on. Every year, we wait to see who comes out swinging the hardest, and one of the biggest ways studios make splashes are with new trailers. So here is our list for the best 3, of the latest and greatest comic con has to offer.

3. Glass:

Now I know out of all the big trailers dropped, Glass is probably the smallest, in terms of scope and certainly budget, but this is one of those trailers that really just delivers. The new trailer for Glass gives us our first look at these three iconic characters on screen at the same time, while keeping enough of the story to itself to not ruin what they film will no doubt surprise us with. If Split wasn’t the real return of M. Night, then glass seems set to seal the deal with an incredible movie.

2. Godzilla – King of Monsters

So if there was one trailer making it onto this list that i didn’t see coming at all, it would have been this Godzilla: King of Monsters trailer. The only way I think you can truly describe the feeling you get from trailer is epic. It builds with some lovely toned down piano, and get to this crescendo where it teases just enough of the cast of monsters set to take the stage in this movie. Staring some fan favourite character actors, and looking set to make the monsters the real stars of the show, this trailer made me way more hyped for this movie than I thought I would ever be.

1. Aquaman

This movie had so much going against it, and so many questions being asked of it, that it really had to come with a near perfect trailer to silence those critics, and boy did it ever. The real reason Aquaman wins the day at comic con in my eyes, is because it gives us a great look at what is likely to be THE MOST comic accurate film adaptation we have ever gotten, in live action. James Wan I think has really outdone himself here, and seems really poised to deliver what should be the most fun DC movie to date, and the one that give the DC universe of films some breathing room again. What do you think? Think some of the other big trailer releases should have made it onto this list instead? Comment and tell which ones and why.



Review : The Equalizer 2


“Robert McCall serves an unflinching justice for the exploited and oppressed, but how far will he go when that is someone he loves?”

So I literally after this movie was done, waited for the credits to see who made this movie because I was sure it wasn’t the same team from the first movie. Thats how different of a movie The Equalizer 2 is to the first in many ways. First off, this movie has no where near the same scope and scale of the first movie, it has some of the action, but only some. The first movie had a more complex plot, and not the paint by numbers action thriller plot that we get here, and this movie is so much slower than the first. To be honest, it felt like this movie was made because they had some money left over from the first, and asked Fuqua if he could somehow convince Denzel Washington to return to but this time with probably half the budget of the first movie. If this movie wasn’t called The Equalizer 2, it would still be a full movie from start to end because it makes pretty much zero reference to the first movie, other than I guess the introduction of Denzel’s character, but really and truly you wouldn’t even need that here. There are a handful of moments where I can maybe see why he wanted to make this movie. Some moments where he really does get to flex his acting muscles, and give some genuinely gripping performance, but for most of it he’s just silently running around the place doing as he pleases. All in all, ┬áthis is one of those sequels that just should have left well enough alone.

Review Score : 6 out of 10

Tom Cruise : Top 10

The upcoming Mission Impossible Fallout movie coming to cinemas soon got me both excited for it, and thinking…what are the best Tom Cruise movies? Which then in turn made me go….well I guess I should just make a list. So here is my list of the top 10 best Tom Cruise movies. I judged them both on critical acclaim, fan appreciation, and some of my own personal opinion.

First off is my honourable mention, and that goes to:

Oblivion – Oblivion doesn’t get the most love from critics, but I’m not the only big fan it has. Its a great story centred around a memory wiped Tom Cruise who has to finish his job before he can be relocated off world to the new home for all of humanity. Of course things don’t go to plan, and lots of twists and turn ensue. This is an absolutely beautiful movie though, with an amazing sound track by M83, and I think if you know what you’re getting yourself into, and you like Tom Cruise, check this one out. Now onto the list.

10. Interview with a Vampire:

1994 brought us the adaptation of the novel and lead by Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, Interview with a Vampire gave us one of the most deep and atmospheric looks at the age old tale of the vampire. Nominated for Art direction and Original Score just show the level of detail this movie went into to create this world, and good enough for number 10 on the list.

9. Collateral:

Another dark and atmospheric movie, but this time with a decidedly different style to it, we have 2004’s Collateral. When a hitman takes a taxi driver hostage, and forces him to take him from murder to murder, we get the soundly engaging, supremely acted, and well directed action thriller that is this movie. Michael Mann delivers his signature style of hyper real fire fights, done with some of the best and most intense sound design of any director. Nominated for Editing and a best supporting actor nod for Jamie Foxx, Collateral definitely deserves to be on this list, and is at number 9 on mine.

8. Jerry Maguire:

Cameron Crowe has a way of creating off beat stories, that always seem like they won’t connect with audiences, but then somehow do, and thats what he did in 1996 with Jerry Maguire. Most famous for its now infamous “show me the money” scene, Jerry Maguire tells the story of a sports agent who loses his job for expressing who he is, and then puts that character to the test, by taking his only remaining client, and trying to get them both to the top of the industry. Nominated for 4 oscars, but winning the best supporting category for Cuba Gooding Jr., Jerry Maguire is one of Cruise’s most acclaimed films, and number 8 on our list.

7. Mission Impossible (1 & Rogue Nation):

There is probably no Tom Cruise movie or franchise, more closely linked with the mega star than Mission Impossible. One of those franchises that started so well, then had its share of ups and down, and is now back full on top, Mission Impossible was the real catalyst to the action star version of Tom Cruise most of us know to today. Starting in 1996 and still going strong more than 20 years later, the combination of action, stunt work, and pushing the edge of the spy action genre, Mission Impossible with always be a fan favourite around the world. More than deserving of a number 7 spot.

6. Minority Report:

What do you get when you mix Tom Cruise and Steven Spielberg? One of the best sci-fi action thrillers around in 2002’s Minority Report. Staring Cruise as a detective in a special future crimes task-force, where crimes can be predicted and prevented from happening, until the entire system is has to be questioned when Cruise himself becomes the centre piece of a yet to occur murder. Minority Report takes viewers in a pulse pounding journey through a future landscape, but with old questions being asked and answered in new ways. Add to that the directing pedigree of Steven Spielberg, and you have a perfect recipe for blockbuster that doesn’t let down.

5. Edge of Tomorrow (Live Die Repeat):

We can’t talk about blockbusters, and not talk about Edge of Tomorrow. Based on a manga, and brought to the big screen in 2014, Edge of Tomorrow takes on us on a groundhogs day type adventure, but with robot mech suits, aliens, and amazing action that never seems to get old even when we’re seeing a scene for the 40th time. Cruise stars along side Emily Blunt as a coward who is forced to become the man he wished he always was, and help guide the human race to a fighting chance at survival. Boasting one of the better critical and fan reactions of his more recent movies, Edge of Tomorrow is one of those movies that everyone saw because someone they knew said they had to go see it, and it had to be on this list, and at number 5.

4. Risky Business:

The film that really started the Tom Cruise craze has to go to 1983’s Risky Business. Staring a then 21 year old Tom Cruise as a teenager with a dream and a will to get there. Risky Business took us on the ride of our lives in more ways than one. To this day, some of the most iconic moments in Cruise’s film career are from this movie, and its ability to connect with audiences through time because of its themes of adolescence, sex, and everything else teenagers think they want, Risky Business will always be a classic. Filled with the music, cars and iconography of its time, Risky Business is truly a cult classic that will live on for a long long time.

3. Top Gun:

If Risky Business made Tom Cruise a star, Top Gun made him the coolest man in the world. Take a full on action movie, and merge it with a 80’s romance movie, and thats basically Top Gun in a nutshell. It gave audiences everything they wanted. High flying acrobatics and action, and vulnerable romance. This movie almost single handedly made Tom Cruise the coolest, made Take My Breathe Away the most popular song in the world, and I’m sure increased the number of Naval recruits in 1986. 4 Oscar nominations, and one win for best original song, Top Gun will forever be one of Tom Cruises most remembered roles, even if part of the reason is all the supposed homo-erotic undertones many have accused the film of having.

2. A Few Good Men:

You want the truth? Just when we people thought all Tom Cruise had was action in him, along came the 1992 movie, A Few Good Men, regarded by many as some of Cruises best strictly acting work on the big screen. A Few Good Men put Cruise along the likes of Jack Nicholson and Demi Moore to really give this drama thriller all the acting chops it needed to help land it some of its 4 Oscar nominations. This movie though showed the world, that Tom Cruise was really here to stay, and could handle whatever was asked of him, and good enough to snag the number 2 spot on our list.

1. The Last Samurai:

Though over the years this movie has come under some criticism in its use of a white actor in the telling of a traditional samurai tale, I still think this movie deserves the top spot. 2003’s The Last Samurai is a brilliant and beautiful film, that tells the story of what happens sometimes when opposing cultures collide. I think also this film might mislead some into believing that its meant to make Tom Cruise the last samurai, but in fact he is simply the conduit to allow for the telling of this story. 4 Oscar nominations, and I think the most balanced performance we’ve ever gotten from Cruise. This movie takes us with him from brash American military advisor, to meek and defeated POW, to curious and learning pupil, to finally someone the samurai respected as one of their own, on their own tragic march to oblivion. The Last Samurai in my opinion, gives us the best of all worlds, and is the best of the man himself, Tom Cruise.

Review : Hotel Transylvania 3 – Summer Vacation


“While on a vacation with his family, Count Dracula makes a romantic connection.”

I have to admit, I do have a big soft spot for Genndy Tartakovsky. He created one of my favourite cartoons of all time (Samurai Jack), as well as many of my generations most fondly remembered cartoon network hits. Finally he made the jump the big screen with he first Hotel Transylvania, which I honestly didn’t have that high of hopes for, but it really surprised me in a good way. Fast forward to now and we have the third instalment in this series, and to be very honest, you wouldn’t think theres anything left for them to go to, but they still manage to squeeze a surprising amount of entertainment out of this movie. The gangs all back here, and they all do lend perfect voices to their characters. This movie also goes some places I didn’t think it would, which was nice and refreshing. There are also some choices they made in this movie that I really appreciated, and that allowed for some of the better jokes in this movie. The character design though might be my favourite thing about this movie. There was good design from before, but I feel like they really ratcheted it up for this movie, especially with the new characters, which really kept them feeling fresh and new and entertaining. This movie isn’t revolutionary in anyway really, and its not breathing fresh air into the animation space or anything like that, but it is way more entertaining than it has any right to be. Great fun, especially for the whole family.

Review Score : 7 out of 10