Top 3 Comic Con Trailers!

So as we all should know, this weekend is the San Diego Comic Con, which has really been the the biggest and most famous of them all. Its the one all the biggest movie studios go to, and it usually has the biggest news and trailer releases we the fans wait so impatiently on. Every year, we wait to see who comes out swinging the hardest, and one of the biggest ways studios make splashes are with new trailers. So here is our list for the best 3, of the latest and greatest comic con has to offer.

3. Glass:

Now I know out of all the big trailers dropped, Glass is probably the smallest, in terms of scope and certainly budget, but this is one of those trailers that really just delivers. The new trailer for Glass gives us our first look at these three iconic characters on screen at the same time, while keeping enough of the story to itself to not ruin what they film will no doubt surprise us with. If Split wasn’t the real return of M. Night, then glass seems set to seal the deal with an incredible movie.

2. Godzilla – King of Monsters

So if there was one trailer making it onto this list that i didn’t see coming at all, it would have been this Godzilla: King of Monsters trailer. The only way I think you can truly describe the feeling you get from trailer is epic. It builds with some lovely toned down piano, and get to this crescendo where it teases just enough of the cast of monsters set to take the stage in this movie. Staring some fan favourite character actors, and looking set to make the monsters the real stars of the show, this trailer made me way more hyped for this movie than I thought I would ever be.

1. Aquaman

This movie had so much going against it, and so many questions being asked of it, that it really had to come with a near perfect trailer to silence those critics, and boy did it ever. The real reason Aquaman wins the day at comic con in my eyes, is because it gives us a great look at what is likely to be THE MOST comic accurate film adaptation we have ever gotten, in live action. James Wan I think has really outdone himself here, and seems really poised to deliver what should be the most fun DC movie to date, and the one that give the DC universe of films some breathing room again. What do you think? Think some of the other big trailer releases should have made it onto this list instead? Comment and tell which ones and why.




Trailer of the Week! Comic Con Edition!

So I know gave you guys a trailer(s) of the week already, but with all the extra stuff this week, I also decided to give you my pick, for what was the best of all the trailers out of Comic con. The Comic con best trailer goes to…

Thor Ragnarok (Comic con Trailer)

Talk about money shots, this trailer has everything. This trailer does so many things, and it does them all amazingly. To start, we get the full brunt of the new tone for this franchise (Thor movies that is), and in that new tone, we get a perfect blend of the quirky and witty humor of Taika Waititi, blended perfectly and seamlessly with the over the top astral combat that a movie like Thor allows for.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 8.26.03 PM

We also get a much better look at all the main characters here, and a slightly better look at their individual roles. This movie sees the addition of a host of new characters, new both to Thor, and the MCU on a whole. This new team of Thor, Hulk, Loki, and Valkyrie, has to team up against the likes of Hela, Skurge, The Grandmaster, and even the fire lord Surtur. This trailer really give us an idea of just how epic of adventure this movie is set to take us on.

Screen Shot 2017-07-23 at 8.25.40 PM

The visuals look stunning. The costuming and effects are out of this world. The acting on show here is also incredible, especially from the new additions to the Thor cast, and all of these things together give this trailer an amazing base, that when it hits us with those amazing shots and reveals, each one bigger than the last, that theres no way to watch this trailer and not get hyped up. So what do you think? Agree with my choice for the pick of the litter of the comic con trailers, and did you have another one in mind?

Why the BvS trailer might be the best ever made…


One of the major things to come out of the recently concluded SDCC, if not the main thing out of it, was the release of the new trailer for Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice. What we got was 3 and a half minutes of pure majesty, that could be considered the greatest trailer ever made, and i’m to explain why.


World Building :

In 3 minutes, this trailer paints an amazing picture for us of the world we are getting. We see the destruction of the city but from the point of view of Bruce Wayne, giving us the first glimpse of the seeds of conflict between the two heroes. We see the state of the public opinion, that is definitely split, and the position we see being taken by the government who see Superman first off as a threat and liability. There are also many hints and teases left in the trailer to give us an idea of the history of this world also. The joker spray painted robin costume, giving us a clear idea that we may get our first view of the Batman after the death of a Robin. We also see what is likely the destroyed ruins of Wayne manner. We get to finally see the first appearance of Kryptonite in this universe, as well as a possible introduction to the character of Doomsday, through the retrieved body of general Zod. The introduction of Woman Woman also shows us that she has been around for a little while and has been blending in rather than stick out for now.

Batman-V-Superman-Dawn-Of-Justice-Lex-Luthor-Jesse-Eisenberg-e1436970834360 Batman-v-Superman-Dawn-of-Justice-Trailer-Wallpapers BVS_WW

New Characters :

This trailer gave us the first and best debuts yet of most of the new characters set to be in this new movie world. We see the new Alfred as played by Jeremy Irons, the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. As well as a slew of smaller introductions of other characters set to help fill out this world. Even without much dialogue from most of these characters, and none at all from Gal Gadot, we get a really good sense of the characters and their place in this universe.

8eryAfR bvs-trailer-15-jpg

Easter Eggs and Inspiration :

All of this new trailer, is filled it easter eggs and nods to the inspirations behind the story of this film. One of the big easter eggs AND nods here is the spray painted robin suit that we see in the bat cave, giving us nods to the Death in the Family and Killing Joke story lines of Batman. We also see the major inspiration of the Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns story line here too, from the shots of the armoured Batman, to even one shot where we see the dark knight in the tell tale pose from the famous cover of the aforementioned dark knight graphic novel. Kryptonite is seen for the first time in this universe, as are nods to Aquaman and Doomsday.

NewSuper2 maxresdefault

Batman and Superman :

Possibly even more importantly than the new looks and images we see of both Batman and Superman, are the looks we see of Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent. The trailer gives us this idea that a big part of what we will be seeing, is a conflict between Bruce Wayne and Superman, and Clark Kent and Batman. Bruce sees Superman as massive threat and Clark being the reporter he is, see Batman as a mad vigilante that does more harm than good. Adding a deeper layer to the over arching Batman and Superman conflict.

From the beautiful imagery we see, to the religious and political themes there is soon much that this trailer does and gives us, that it pretty much impossible i think to find real faults with it. Wether you are a fan or not of either DC or comic book movies in general, i think a lot of respect has to be paid to this trailer and hopefully the movie will be up to the same standards.

Comic Con, what you missed

So this weekend was Comic Con, and as expected, many big announcements were made (more were not i think), and if you missed it, here is my run down of what i think were the biggest moments.

Wonder Woman –
The DC Wonder Woman reveal was in my opinion the biggest news of the event. Dropping the picture of her in costume looking totally bad ass was just the kind of splash DC needed to make to get some headlines. The costume is pretty much what i was expecting, given the way the other ones have gone and also having Gal Gadot there in person with the rest of the big three cast was nicely done on DC’s part.

Skull Island –
Yes the land from whence King Kong came is getting its own movie, in what should be our first real look at a King Kong origins story. This story made a really big splash with audiences over the weekend. This was partly due to people not expecting it, then the added possibility of a future Godzilla vs Kin Kong movie in the future.

Lack of Goods from Marvel and DC –
So just as much as studios like to make splashes with announcements, they can also grab headlines for things that they dont announce. With Marvel and DC in particular, many felt that they missed a really great time that they could made some really key announcements, like which titles would be taking up some of their already booked future dates, as well as some new properties we might not have been expecting. And no Disney no one cares about you launching information if its in your own convention.

The Hobbit –
FINALLY we start to get the ball rolling on the final chapter in the Hobbit and possibly middle earth series. From poster drops to the inevitable trailer drop that we got also, the hobbit is finally kicking the marketing campaign into full swing and BOY do i love what i am seeing.

Mad Max –
Another movie here that took a year and a day to get going, after numerous set backs is Mad Max. However, did they ever come out strong with it. A LOT of people started buzzing about this movie after comic con, showing how well you could take advantage of such an event.