Trailer of the Week!

I know there was no trailer of the last week, but this week we’re back with a good one.

Borg vs. McEnroe (Red Band Trailer #1)

Say what you will about the likes of Shia LaBeouf, about his off the screen antics and behaviors, but the man is a world class actor and Borg McEnroe should be a real great vehicle for that acting. The movie see’s him taking on the role of the equally polarizing John McEnroe. A tennis player really know not just for his ability on the court, but is loud, and aggressive opinions on and off the court. The movie also is set on the epic rivalry between him and Björn Borg.


Borg in this movie is being played by Sverrir Gudnason, a lesser known actor for sure, and one who will have his most major role when this movie comes out, but his casting is authentic to the character. One of the greatest names in tennis history, the movie sees Borg taking on this new, up and coming tennis star in McEnroe, and everything that entails. We must remember at the time, the tennis world was basically resting on the shoulders of Borg, as movie seeks to explore much more than just the on court ramifications of such a match and match up.


So much at stake on and off court, actor versus actor, icon versus icon; Borg vs. McEnroe looks to be a stellar tension filled film, that shows us what it takes to reach the top, and to try and stay there. What do you think about the trailer for Borg vs. McEnroe? Are you planning to see it, and do you think its a movie that could get itself some awards contention?


Trailer of the Week!

This weeks trailer of the week is:

Thank you for Your Service (Trailer #1)

This weeks trailer of the week is the new first trailer for Thank You for Your Service. Based on the book by David Finkel, and adapted for the screen by Jason Hall, Thank You for Your Service tells the story of the affects of post traumatic stress disorder, and the way it affects the lives of returning service men and women. The movie also directed by Hall of American Sniper fame stars Milles Teller and Haley Bennett in the title roles, but also sees the likes of Amy Schumer in smaller roles.


The trailer also gives us a real good sense of the sense of tension and way in which PTSD creeps into your life and then just doesn’t leave. It also illustrates the great juxtaposition of the way these returning soldiers are seen as heroes, but they don’t see themselves as heroes, just comrades who had a shared experience. It looks to tell a heart wrenching, gutt punching type of story, but one that I think both needs to be told, and told well. Are you looking forward to Thank You for Your Service?

Trailer of the Week!

This weeks trailer of the week is:

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (final trailer)

Avatar meets the Fifth Element…I hope. That’s how I would describe what Valerian is to someone who’s never heard the name, and that sounds pretty good to me honestly. Valerian and the city of a thousand planets is the latest from long time director Luc Besson. Based on the Valerian and Laureline, a french 1960s comic book series, it sees the title characters on an adventure set on the planet like city of Alpha, a city thats home to a vast array of species and creatures.


The movie stars Dane DeHaan and Cara Delevigne in the title roles, but also boasts a solid supporting cast of well known actors and personalities. I’m personally a big fan of DeHaan’s acting, and think he brings both an intensity and a down to earth-ness that gives him a presence on screen while keeping him identifiable. Delevigne on the other hand, still has yet to impress me, and even in her best on screen performance so far in Paper Towns, I still don’t know if she can hold her own both against DeHaan and as a co-lead here.


Valerian is set to be one the most visual journeys of the year, but will it be able to put the backbone of story that a movie like this needs. If Besson can deliver another movie on the level of his Fifth Element, but with the added benefit of modern day technology. Are you excited for Valerian? Were you planning to see it, or are you considering it now?

Trailer of the Week!

This weeks trailer of the week is:

Blade Runner 2049 (Trailer #1)


A slower week for trailers than last week, but we still got ourselves a hit with the first full length trailer for the upcoming Blade Runner 2049. After getting a tease last week, we only had to wait a few days to get first official trailer for long in demand sequel. The film sees the return of the title character portrayed by Harrison Ford, but not as the lead character here. That honor goes to Ryan Gosling, who plays a new young blade runner, who seeks some answers and Ford’s former blade runner might be his only help.


Set in the same futuristic world created by Ridley Scott back in 1982, new director  Denis Villeneuve takes over the reigns here and while he doesn’t seem to be trying to change the look of the movies too much, he certainly up dated them and is clearly also adding some of his signature directing style that he has come to be known and respected for. With a list of previous movies boasting Arrival, Sicario, and Prisoners, I personally think there wasn’t much of a better choice to lead this new Blade Runner movie to hopefully new heights. Are you excited for Blade Runner 2049, and how do you think it will do compared to the original?

Trailer of the Week!

Hey guys, just wanted to keep adding to the blog, so in that spirit I start a new ongoing series here called Trailer of the Week! Where every week, (usually on Friday) I will give out my choice for the best trailer of the week, why I think its such, and some info on the movie it supports. Hope you guys enjoy, lets get it started.

This weeks trailer of the week is:

Dunkirk (Main trailer)

This week has been a real good one for trailers, and it picking a top trailer wasn’t easy. The first trailer for Dark Tower, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, and even the new Cars 3 trailer were all strong competitors. Then came Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk trailer… and wow. Dunkirk tells the true story (one of biggest true stories we’ve yet to get adapted in this form) of one of the largest evacuation of troops ever attempted when 400,000 allied soldiers were cut off and surrounded by the German army and had no where to turn. The rescue events enlist not just available troops, but also ropes in civilians that use their own personal boats to add to the rescue efforts.

Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 6.20.53 PM

This is Christopher Nolan’s latest project and features some new and old faces to his typical line-ups. Staring Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh, James D’Arcy, and even Harry Styles among many others that let to movie boast a stellar cast to match some stellar visuals, and what so far is an intense and gripping score. Set to drop the end of July this year and will probably look to really up its marketing game from this point going forward. What do you think about the Dunkirk (main trailer), what are your hopes for the movie and are you planning to see it cinemas?

Review : Star Trek Beyond


“The USS Enterprise crew explores the furthest reaches of uncharted space, where they encounter a new ruthless enemy who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test.”

Since the beginning of these new Star Trek movies, people have been drawing a line between those who watch the movie as either fans of the old school Star Trek, or those new to the franchise. And in that separation, was an idea that you had to be one or the other, and this movie really does prove to us, you can be both. Above all of these last three Star Trek movies, I think I can safely say two things about Beyond, that yes it is the best of the franchise and that yes it blends the old and the new the best also. I can also safely say, I think this is the most FUN I’ve had at the cinema so far for the summer, and that fun is what’s going to impress new comers to the franchise, while the movie does also give fans of the older series a lot to see and feel. This movie also gives us the best look yet at the classic interpersonal relationships that we knew and loved from past Star Treks, while also portraying them in a manner that people, even people who’ve only seen this third instalment can understand and appreciate. If you get the chance, this is most definitely movie you should give a chance, especially if you want to have a good time. Grab some pop corn and enjoy this one.

Review Score : 9 out of 10

R.I.P Leonard Nimoy & Anton Yelchin

Why the BvS trailer might be the best ever made…


One of the major things to come out of the recently concluded SDCC, if not the main thing out of it, was the release of the new trailer for Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice. What we got was 3 and a half minutes of pure majesty, that could be considered the greatest trailer ever made, and i’m to explain why.


World Building :

In 3 minutes, this trailer paints an amazing picture for us of the world we are getting. We see the destruction of the city but from the point of view of Bruce Wayne, giving us the first glimpse of the seeds of conflict between the two heroes. We see the state of the public opinion, that is definitely split, and the position we see being taken by the government who see Superman first off as a threat and liability. There are also many hints and teases left in the trailer to give us an idea of the history of this world also. The joker spray painted robin costume, giving us a clear idea that we may get our first view of the Batman after the death of a Robin. We also see what is likely the destroyed ruins of Wayne manner. We get to finally see the first appearance of Kryptonite in this universe, as well as a possible introduction to the character of Doomsday, through the retrieved body of general Zod. The introduction of Woman Woman also shows us that she has been around for a little while and has been blending in rather than stick out for now.

Batman-V-Superman-Dawn-Of-Justice-Lex-Luthor-Jesse-Eisenberg-e1436970834360 Batman-v-Superman-Dawn-of-Justice-Trailer-Wallpapers BVS_WW

New Characters :

This trailer gave us the first and best debuts yet of most of the new characters set to be in this new movie world. We see the new Alfred as played by Jeremy Irons, the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman, Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. As well as a slew of smaller introductions of other characters set to help fill out this world. Even without much dialogue from most of these characters, and none at all from Gal Gadot, we get a really good sense of the characters and their place in this universe.

8eryAfR bvs-trailer-15-jpg

Easter Eggs and Inspiration :

All of this new trailer, is filled it easter eggs and nods to the inspirations behind the story of this film. One of the big easter eggs AND nods here is the spray painted robin suit that we see in the bat cave, giving us nods to the Death in the Family and Killing Joke story lines of Batman. We also see the major inspiration of the Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns story line here too, from the shots of the armoured Batman, to even one shot where we see the dark knight in the tell tale pose from the famous cover of the aforementioned dark knight graphic novel. Kryptonite is seen for the first time in this universe, as are nods to Aquaman and Doomsday.

NewSuper2 maxresdefault

Batman and Superman :

Possibly even more importantly than the new looks and images we see of both Batman and Superman, are the looks we see of Bruce Wayne, and Clark Kent. The trailer gives us this idea that a big part of what we will be seeing, is a conflict between Bruce Wayne and Superman, and Clark Kent and Batman. Bruce sees Superman as massive threat and Clark being the reporter he is, see Batman as a mad vigilante that does more harm than good. Adding a deeper layer to the over arching Batman and Superman conflict.

From the beautiful imagery we see, to the religious and political themes there is soon much that this trailer does and gives us, that it pretty much impossible i think to find real faults with it. Wether you are a fan or not of either DC or comic book movies in general, i think a lot of respect has to be paid to this trailer and hopefully the movie will be up to the same standards.