Incase You Missed It!


Upgrade :

I have to say, Blumhouse has does it again. There is honestly no other studio right now, that is doing more, with less money, than Blumhouse productions. This movie was made for 5 million dollars, and there really isn’t anywhere in it where you could be like, yeah I see where they cut some corners there. Baring the money they would have saved on the cast (in payment not talent), this is one of the best uses of 5 million that I’ve seen in the cinema in a really long time.


Upgrade tells the story of a man who gets into an accident and has his entire life changed through injury and other circumstances that eventually lead him to trying an new experimental program to regain control of his life. That being said, even where this movie can be a bit of something we’ve seen before, everything about this movie is done so originally and so well executed that it totally makes up for any possible lack of originality in any of the story aspects. It also does manage to hold some cards close to its chest and keep some things secret till the end.


One of the biggest ways in which this movie makes it mark and carves its own path is in its visuals, and thats not just about how the movie looks. A perfect examples is the way the swiftness and precision of the camera changes the more he changes. When things have to be very mechanical, so is the camera, when things needs to be really human, the camera also emphasises that. In many ways it becomes its own character and one that really helps to tell the story of this movie without adding an extra layer of exposition.


Upgrade is a really smart and really well done movie. It cuts all the fat, and manages to make what really is technically a small movie, into one that didn’t feel restricted at all. A great combination of acting, directing, editing and even score, Upgrade really punches above its weight and shows why creators need to be given a chance to execute their visions.


Incase You Missed It!

American Honey :


How can I explain the film that is American Honey…Firstly, I’m not sure there is anyway to really know what you’re getting into going this movie. American Honey to me really feels like an experiment more than anything else. Its almost like a case study, in character studies, in character journeys.


One part of this movie, is its road trip of misfits. Like if the Goonies were teenagers, but also gutter rats, really poor, had no general direction in life, and were stranded in middle America. The movie does a very interesting job at presenting the dynamic between such a group of youths. And as over the top as some of their personalities might be, their interaction comes across in such a sincere manner, like they really have been sharing the same van and motel rooms for months together.


Another major aspect of this movie is love, but love in a few ways. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a representation of love like this movie portrays in any other movie. For one, it goes after the concept of love when contextualized by your financial stature, but it goes further also and looks at both young love, and the way in which that can shape our lives. It doesn’t try ever to romanticise it or make it seem like something to fight for, but more as this force of nature that sometimes we just can’t fight, and we can’t leave alone.


Thats why I say its so hard to describe or explain what this movie is to people. I don’t think I know myself, but, I don’t think that means that this movie shouldn’t be seen. I think there needs to be some warning that this movie can be very explicit and its done in such a real and honest manner that some people might not be expecting based on what I’ve said before. American Honey I think is a movie about ideas and experimentation, and if you’re a fan on film and film making on a whole, then give this movie a look.

Incase You Missed It!

Warrior :


2011 brought us the underrated piece of cinema that is Warrior. It stars Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy, and is directed by Gavin O’Connor, and is probably still his best work to date. It tells the story of two brothers, who take very different paths in life, but end up fighting for the same prize and must ultimately battle each other.


One of the shining lights of this movie, isn’t just the actors portrayals of MMA fighters or those who enter that arena, but rather the portrayal of the sport of MMA on a whole. It shows the tactical nature, the training, the heart and the will it takes to win a fight. The fights themselves are also done really well, and shot really well, and they give you the very real and gritty feel of being in the cage.


On the other hand, this movie is much more and much deeper than just a fighting movie or a movie about fighting. This movie delves really deeply into the minds and mental states of both characters, and those they come in contact with. The secondary story line of this movie deals a lot with family issues and what it means to be brothers, husbands and sons.


If you’re a fan of anything I’ve mentioned so far (actors, director, MMA, any of it), then you won’t be disappointed by this movie one bit. I think it got a bit overshadowed when it first came out, and didn’t really get the respect and success it deserves. One of the best movies of 2011, and definitely one to check out if you missed it.