Review : Kingsman – The Golden Circle

“When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, the Kingsman’s journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US. These two elite secret organizations must band together to defeat a common enemy.”

Kingsman the golden circle, or just Kingsman 2, tells the continued story of unrefined youth turned super spy Eggsy, in a brand new story. Everything about Kingsman 2 is meant to be bigger and better. More action, more stunts, more fights, more guns, more everything. For the most part we do get all the “more”, but we could have done with a touch of the “less” also. The Kingsman sequel definitely makes some sacrifices for the sake of bigger and better, but in that we do lose a little of the soul that made the first movie so memorable. Bringing in their American counterparts in the Statesmen, the movie basically doubles its cast of over the top, but super charismatic spies, and allows for an entire new style to be used to great effect. All the great action you would expect is all here, where the movie falters, in its character development. All these new characters have their times to shine, but that spreading of the spot light, does mean less time to dive a bit deeper. I also feel like this movie made some choices in an attempt the deepen our emotional connections with characters, but served only to take some of the best characters out, most like in preparing for third and likely final entry in the Kingsman saga. Just like the original movie, this movie is certainly over the top, and doesn’t shy away from pointing the camera directly at the lesser flattering areas sometimes, and in some cases, some might find it goes too far. The new additions to the cast are also all fantastic, and do a great job to build out the world, as well as allow for some interesting match ups going forward. All in all, Kingsman 2 is every bit the over the top action movie you would expect it to be, it just lacks a bit of the deeper soul that made the first movie one of the best movies of 2014.

Review Score : 8 out of 10


Trailer of the Week!

This week is a special week. Usually I go through all the trailers for the week and find the one I think does the best at selling a movie and a concept. This week however is also the week of Comic Con, and with that, we got a whole lot of them, so this week I’m giving you guys a top three of the week. Enjoy!

3 – Kingsman : The Golden Circle (Trailer #2)

2 – Blade Runner 2049 (Trailer #2)

1 – Bright (Tailer #1)

What we have here, are three very different trailers, but also very similar. All three of these movies are slated for later in the year and they all have pretty big expectations. Starting with the newest trailer for Kingsman 2, we get a lot more of the story line here, and a considerable amount of action which makes one wonder just how much can they pack into this sequel. Adding a secondary group of heroes, the Statesmen of America, allows the movie to add another level in it casting, and it does so handily with some big names as well as fan favourites. This trailer shows that the movie doesn’t plan on losing any of its signature style, while ratcheting everything about up to an 11.

Then at the number 2 spot, we have another sequel, this one however, considerably longer in the making. The newest trailer for Blade Runner 2049, like the Kingsman trailer, gives us a much better look at the storyline the movie itself will be taking us on. Erie, tense, suspenseful and gripping, this trailer seeks to give us a tease of what the entire movie is likely to be like in terms of tone and scope, while also teasing out some of the newer characters and their motivations.

Finally we come to bright, the only movie here that doesn’t have a huge planned theatrical release as its another in the ever growing stable of Netflix made and made for movies. Featuring the likes of Will Smith and Joel Edgerton (under some heavy makeup), bright is the latest from the mind of Max Landis and directed by Fury’s David Ayer, the movie gives us a look at a super realistic take on the idea of a world filled with goblins and ghouls, fairies and elves, and all manner of magical creatures. This first feature trailer also like the trailers before it, gives us a very good idea of where this movie plans to go, and it will be something to see if all the parts that make up this movie can come together and give us a great movie in the end.

There are some other great trailers that dropped this week, but I only went with three here, as these three left a large impression on me, but I will give a shoutout to the new trailer for The Shape of Water, and Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. Both excellent and intriguing trailers that I’m sure we will see come back on here soon enough.


Top 10 Movies of 2015 (Wide Release)

Here we are again, another year gone, another top 10 list. As with last years list, this one is only for Wide Released movies, released in the year 2015. That means some of those Oscar contenders won’t be on here, as they were only released in limited theatres in 2015 and then more widely in 2016, or stayed throughout. This year I also decided to create my own awards for the past year, look out for that post coming soon! And without further ado, my list of the Top 10 films of 2015 (Wide Release) :

10 : The Big Short

The Big Short ended up being one of the last big splashes in movies of 2015. It boasts a stellar cast, and some great material that could have really easily alienated the audience, but found mostly clever ways to help get the point across without always having to really dumb it down. A great look at how such a true story could be told in an entertaining way.


9 : Inside Out

One of the best concepts for an animated movie or movie in general to come out in a few years was 2015’s Inside Out. It finds great and inventive ways to display the complex views its try to tackle. It sometimes lost its way to me at points, but the rest of the movie is much to strong to let those keep it back.


8 : The Peanuts Movie

Even with the brilliance and almost adultness of Inside Out, 2015 also brought us one of the purest and most true to form adaptations of any property ever, in The Peanuts Movie. An amazing showcase of animation and the right mix of old school, but being able to bring it all into the present time.


7: Avengers – The Age of Ultron

The Avengers Age of Ultron, is probably the most maligned superhero film ¬†of 2015, that really doesn’t deserve it. It gets savaged in comparisons to the first Avengers movie, which just happens to be one of the best super hero movies of all time. Living up to which, was going to be damn near impossible. This is however, still a great action and super hero movie with the amazing cast we know and love in some amazing action set pieces and some of the best Marvel movie villains to date.


6 : Beasts of No Nation

Hard hitting, brutal, unapologetic, honest and even revolting are all words that describe the narrative and story telling of Beasts of No Nation. Its hard to really describe this movie, without really getting into the story here but know as good as this movie is, it is not for everyone. Amazing acting and a real juxtaposition of the evils of man framed against the beautiful cinematography of the movie and the environment it’s set in.


5 : Kingsman – The Secret Service

In a year filled with Spy movies, the undisputed champion, is Kingsman – The Secret Service. A fast paced, non stop, action adventure comedy romp that never stops moving and never stops entertaining. Adapted for the screen from its comic book origins and done perfectly to create and maintain its own universe of heroes and villains. Its hard to find a more fun movie of 2015.



4 : The Martian

The triumphant return of Ridley Scott is still not the biggest thing about this movie. Even the fact that most of the science in this movie stand ups to real world science, the biggest thing about this movie, is Matt Damon. Even in such a well put together cast, he simply shines out like the diamond in the rough, that was already a shiny diamond and carries this movie even though he doesn’t really have to.


3 : Straight Outta Compton

A movie that came out of the gates for 2015 totally on fire was Straight Outta Compton. Straight Outta Compton was a brilliant take and representation of the story of probably the most famous rap group of all time, NWA. It showcases some amazing casting and acting by all present, with the great use of the already amazing songs of the group. The movie does have a weaker third act than the firs two, but what a first two.


2 : Ex-Machina

Ex-Machina, when all is said and done, is probably the movie that made me simply think the most of all the films I’ve seen in 2015. It had a simple basically 3 person cast, and a premise that could be described as simply : What makes something or someone human? Those three actors do however happen to all be amazing ones that keep pushing this character exploration further and further forward with suspense and intrigue.


So before the number one movie of 2015, I want to put in an honourable mention, of a movie that I probably enjoyed the most of 2015 but I didn’t put on this list in an attempt to keep my bias from crediting that movie above others, and yes, that movie is Star Wars – The Force Awakens. Just wanted to put this in here for anyone wondering, and it would have gone at number 2.

1 : Mad Max – Fury Road

The big daddy of them all for 2015 however, is Mad Max – Fury Road. A successor to the previous trilogy and a pure pastiche to the idea of action movies with a heart and soul, Mad Max takes us on a journey we probably couldn’t have imagined it would, thats both familiar and re-imagined for a new times with the deftest of touches in it’s acting, direction, compositions and EVERYTHING else about it. Mad Max – Fury Road was in many ways the perfect movie, and the certainly the best of 2015.


Review : Kingsman The Secret Service


“A spy organization recruits an unrefined, but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius.”

Remember the name Taron Egerton, because he is going to BLOW UP. Kingsman is a truly first class, kickass, layer cake of action, adventure and comedy (who got those Matthew Vaughn jokes?). The directing style of Matthew Vaughn is truly perfectly suited for a movie like this that needs to be visceral and sharp, yet be able to go over the top when necessary. This movie is also just as long as it needs to be, paced perfectly,and acted superbly. Every role here is superbly cast, and Egerton does really well to hold his own against people like Colin Firth and Mark Strong.Colin Firth is also very impressive here, with some very good stunt work. In the vein of movies like John Wick, Kingsman knows exactly what it is, and it brings the entertainment from start to finish, with surprises around every corner. If you like no holds bared action, witty satire, with great timing and direction, you can’t go wrong with Kingsman. Some people who aren’t familiar with Matthew Vaughn’s work might find some parts of the movie to be a bit strange, or a little too off the wall, but it fits this story perfectly and only ads to the overall narrative and world building done here. You WILL want to see it more than once.

Review Score : 9 out of 10