Trailer of the Week!

This week we have a trailer that came out of no where, but is looking to make a big splash:

Suburbicon (Trailer #1)

Suburbicon is film, written by the Coen brothers, and directed by one of their favorites in George Clooney. It stars Matt Damon, Oscar Isaac, Julianne Moore, and more, and centers around the central plot of a home invasion gone awry, but of course with the quirks and flare of every Coen script ever. Just from what we see in the trailer here, its so full of the Coen-isms, that it will also be really interesting to see how much of Clooney’s directing we can see though this mist of Coen.


Matt Damon of course is a consummate professional as always. He does ever seem to phone in a role, and he can really can excel when asked to play roles so varied as this one seems. Setting him between the like of a Julianna Moore, and a Oscar Isaac, will also allow him perfect sparing partners to work off of when he tries to flex his acting muscles here. We’re going to need a more story oriented trailer to get a real better idea of what the real narrative here is, but so far, I know I’m hooked.


The Death of the “Movie Star”

Yes, the Movie Star is dead, and here’s why, and here’s proof. In years gone by, movies and movie studios could stand on having an okay movie, and knowing that putting a big name Movie Star in the lead role would lead to guaranteed box office returns. However, as the general movie going population has begun ask for more from movies in terms of quality, there has been a sheer drop off in the performance of okay or sub par movies, that have big time talent attached.

The Dark Knight made 530 something million dollars, the dark knight rises made 450 or so million. Right after those movies, Christian Bale made the movie Out of the Furnace, to a whooping 11 million ( which was just half of the budget btw). That movie also had a host of other really good actors in it, and a Bale coming off of just making stupid money.

The Iron Man franchise has made, 585 million, followed by 623 million and finally 1.2 BILLION . The next movie that RDJ made was The Judge, that made a total of 83 million, which while wash’t a bomb, it only just probably broke even and is no where NEAR 1.2 billion.

The two Thor movies to date have made 450 million and 645 million. Chris Hemsworth then made Blackhat which so far has amassed an amazing 11 million so far ( on a 70 million budget no less), which is frankly embarrassing. He also made Rush in between which is a fantastic movie, but that also made a stellar 90 million, which only made the movie profitable because Ron Howard kept the damn budget down to under 40 million.

There are countless more examples of this since the turn of the 2000s, compared to the totally movie star driven movies of the past. We are now firmly in the age of both the smart consumer, and the Brand name era. Marvel movies are a brand name, you here marvel and before you can even reach for it your wallet has already paid for the movie tickets for you. People hear the name Christopher Nolan and certain other directors or production houses and see that as a stamp of quality, and a giving of the benefit of the doubt. We no longer think that simply a big name leading man is enough to guarantee that, and we are right to think that. Each year that passes the average movie goer gets more and more in tune with what is and what isn’t good, and they will mercilessly destroy your film by not seeing it. Yes you can have your favourite actors, but always remember good actors make bad movies too.