Review : War for the Planet of the Apes


“After the apes suffer unimaginable losses, Caesar wrestles with his darker instincts and begins his own mythic quest to avenge his kind.”

I don’t think back in 2011, with Rise of the Planet of the Apes, that I would have ever though that movie would be the start of one of better trilogies to be had in a long time. Rise, and then Dawn, and now War, have all set up and advanced the same plot for the last 6 years. War brings us to the conclusion of a body that was set into motion in 2011, and is finally built up a full head of steam and looks to come crashing down on humanity. The story follows the titular Caesar, played masterfully by the ever amazing Andy Serkis (who really should just have an oscar by now for this) who fully becomes the messianic figure that his legend will tell years from now in the apes history and lore. This movie also portrays an extremely conflicted Caesar, mirrored by a conflicted world around him. He is entrenched on each side by both sides of humanity. The larger and more obvious side lead by Woody Harrelson, and the smaller but equally as important opposite side showcased almost entirely by Amiah Miller’s Nova. The movie also leads the story of the apes forward closer to the point where the classic movie takes us to. This movie is also something to behold with its special effects. There is honestly never really a point in this movie where you would or could ever question if what you were seeing was real or not and thats really impressive seeing as how many apes there are in this movie. That matched with some wonderful and intriguing cinematography, and some real haunting imagery, help this movie do a lot of its story telling without characters ever saying a word. All in all, War for the Planet of the Apes is a great movie and fitting end for this Apes trilogy, and definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

Review Score : 8.5 out of 10


Review : Baywatch


“Devoted lifeguard Mitch Buchannon butts heads with a brash new recruit, as they uncover a criminal plot that threatens the future of the bay.”

Baywatch the movie 2017 is here to signal the start of summer, and beach bod season, but its also supposed to make us laugh so does it? Yes and no, what we have here is a tale of two movies, or rather two directions. This movie is rated R, and it should be, and I feel like when its doing its rated R stuff it flounders, but when it does the PG-13 stuff, its genuinely funnier. The raunchy bits of the movie while I can see their appeal, just seem a bit lazy here, you know, going for the cheap shot. When the movie is more heartfelt and orthodox in its humour, its definitely funnier, and even more entertaining. All the cast here is great, even though some of them like Alexandra Daddario have smaller roles than I would have imagined, while some of the smaller roles like Yahya AbdulMateen II’s police officer are pretty well done, and feel impactful. This movie also feels double sided in its visuals. It goes from having some of the most fake fire I’ve ever seen in a movie, to having some stunning tracking and action shots of the cast when they have their full Baywatch moments. All in all I think this movie is a bit of a mixed bag, but with a 69 (that has to be on purpose right?) million dollar budget, I think it has a good chance of making enough to get a sequel, which with the potential from this movie, has the chance to be better.

Review Score : 5 out of 10

Box Office Reaction

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 4.00.03 PM
SO, not to say i told you so or anything, but i did get a few things right about this weeks box office numbers (and some wrong). Firstly i was bang on about what Think like a Man Too and Jersey Boys would do, i quoted them at going for 30-35 and 10-12 million respectively and right on the nose they pulled in 30M and 13M. Lucky guesses? I would think not. Both HTTYD 2 and Edge of Tomorrow did drop a bit more than i was expecting (and well hoping for), as well as 22 Jump Street holding on a bit stronger than i would have thought also. It definitely went against the current summer trend of 60% drops in week 2. So far this year has been really great for movies, but the box office hasn’t been rewarding the quality we have on show here.

With only a few movies left for the year that i think can really do some box office damage (looking at you Transformers), which ones do you think will crack open the 100M ceiling thats been so illusive so far? I would go with Transformers and probably The Hobbit. There are some really excellent movies still to come, but i don’t think any of them have the range to pull more than 75M on opening weekend. Let me know which movies you think will make the 100 mark.




Box Office Reaction




This weekend box office results surprised me quit a bit, the result were as follows :


1: 22 Jump Street – $57.1M

2: How to Train your Dragon 2 – 49.5M

3: Maleficent – $18.5M

4: Edge of Tomorrow – $16.5M

5: The Fault in Our stars – $14.8

6: X-Men: Days of Future Past – $9.8M

7: Godzilla – $3.3M

8: A Million ways to die in the west – $3.2M

9: Neighbors – $2.4M

10: Chef – $2.2M


Mind you these are the American Box office results, there are some very surprising things and trends happening here. Firstly, what DID surprise me. So right off the bat, the top 3 for me here is very surprising. The actual numbers for 22 Jump Street, don’t surprise me seeing as sequels of well accepted movies often do well, whether or not the movie is as good as the first. The shocking thing here is that its nearly 60 million dollar haul made it to the top of the box office. Why? Simply because there was another sequel to another very well accepted movie opening in How to train your dragon 2. So how does a rated R comedy beat out an amazingly good animated movie open to almost all audiences? Well to be frankly honest, I have no idea. While How to Train your Dragon may very well go onto to out perform 22 Jump Street (I and expect it to), opening weekends are very import for movies, and when movies open way under their industry projected totals, people don’t take that very well. I do feel that HTTYD2 will follow in the slow burn footsteps of the first film, but still shocking that it got beat for weekend champion by an R rated comedy. The second thing that surprised me here are the legs that Maleficent are showing, managing to still be in the top 3 in its third week on the charts, while Chef is also impressing with its constant growth and spread seeing as this is 10 weeks after its first limited release.


So what didn’t surprise me? Well for one I was right about the front loadedness of the Fault in our Stars, after it took a huge 70% drop in its second week (who want to cry their eyes out twice in CINEMA). There is currently a trend in movies dropping around 60% in their second weeks, but we are talking about 60-64% here and after opening at number 1, 5th is a pretty steep drop off. Also Edge of Tomorrow did as I thought it would also, building off of very positive word or mouth and seeing a much less drastic drop off in its numbers, and only barely missing out on the 3rd stop held by Maleficent. I still expect it to stay in the top 5 even next week, as the movies opening aren’t looking like box office gold. My predictions are for HTTYD2 and Edge of Tomorrow to hold onto top 5 spots (possibly numbers 2 and 3 respectively), while new entries Think like a Man too and Jersey boys should pull in about 30-35 Million and 10-12 million respectively.


Godzilla, X:Men and Neighbors are still holding out well a month and over since their releases. The lack of true money grabbing fire power entering next week means also that if 22 Jump Street can prove to be more than a decent sequel that it has a chance to duck the trending 60% drop off as well. Don’t be surprised either if next week The Fault in our Stars drops completely out of the top 10 (don’t feel too bad though, the film cost 18 million to make and in the states alone has crossed 80M). 22 Jump Street has also pretty much recouped its budget, but the 2 big budget films (Both of which I gave glowing reviews to AND THEY DESERVE IT) are the ones struggling here. Both have budgets in the 180M range, and both have time to make it up, but both were hoping to drop at least 75M opening weeks, and we have seen that 90% of a movie’s money is usually made in the first 3 weeks. I definitely hope they do make it, and their quality deserves.


So what do you think? Do these numbers surprise you as much as they do me? And sorry to any Spain supporters out there, right now Chile are picking you guys apart.


Forza Azzurris


Review: How to Tain Your Dragon 2

“When Hiccup and Toothless discover an ice cave that is home to hundreds of new wild dragons and the mysterious Dragon Rider, the two friends find themselves at the center of a battle to protect the peace.”

This movie is truly what a sequel is meant to be. Check all the criteria to be a good sequel;

Continue the development of at least the main character

Up the anti

Increase your scope

Add new characters

And this movie does them ALL, and All WELL. Hiccups character (as well as all the others) is a few years older now, and really becoming a man. And we fully see the change in his attitude and his worries and problems that go along with being older. The stakes in this movie have also definitely been raised, you really feel the increased level of urgency and danger here. The film itself is simply breathtaking and gorgeous. The shots of the landscapes and of the dragons flying are phenomenal and there is an amazing level of attention to detail in the animation. There is an overall feeling of increased ambition. There are a bevy of new characters in both human and dragon form, and all do well to add to the story going forward. The voice acting here is most certainly on point, aided supremely by the amazing character animations. The facial expressions and movements are extremely human and expressive. At time this movie is extremely emotional, and then at other times its full-fledged, fast passed action. There aren’t any dead spots or wasted moments here either. When the movie is not engaging u emotionally, its wowing you with stunning scenery, or its striking you with brilliant action scenes. The entire cast of voice actors here is also brilliant, most of which truly get lost in the character making u only see and hear the character and not the respective actor. This summer is really shaping up as one of the best summers for movies, and How to Train your Dragon 2 is truly another hit out the park here and I recommend everyone from young to old to see it, there is something in here for everyone.

Review Score : 9.5 out of 10