Don’t Miss It!

Macbeth :


Depending on where you went to school, most of us are familiar with one of the most famous of the Shakespeare plays, in Macbeth. There have also been numerous film and television adaptations of the source material over the last years. This Macbeth however, is a bit different. Staring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard ( who plan to re-team for Assassin’s Creed next year), and is directed by Justin Kurzel. You may not be familiar with that name, but if things go to plan you will as he is also meant to helm the same Assassin’s Creed project that hopes to bring back some respect to video game movies.


We all know the story of Macbeth, so i won’t waste any time going over it again. The things that really sets this movie apart, are the cast, and the style in which the movie is being done. Never has Macbeth seen an acting cast, up to the same quality AND star power of this up-coming one. Fassbender is now a house hold name for his blockbuster work, but also takes the time to do some more real deep acting projects like Slow West, 12 Years a Slave and even Shame. Cotillard is an academy darling, who has done everything form win Oscars, to acting in mega franchises like the C. Nolan BatMan trilogy.


This is also set to be one of most stylized Macbeth movies ever, from a visual aspect. The project features a lot of production values, in filming on location in England and Scotland. The film itself has a very gritty and dark over all theme and a real feeling of death and danger, presented in a package both stunning to look at, and also something that ads to the over storytelling here.


So what do you think? Is this new Macbeth too much for you? Or are you on board and agree that this one is one to NOT miss.


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